Email Design

Quality communication with prospects and customers is crucial when setting out to create an effective marketing email campaign. Using the following steps I have found success for developing solid email campaigns: determine the objective and target audience of the campaign, identify opportunities; personalization, segmentation, etc., develop strong creative content including compelling subject lines and finally track and analyze to measure the campaigns success.

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Email Drip Campaign

Client: Carmel Partners

Role: Strategy and creative direction

Project Details: Carmel Partners was in the process of developing branding systems for their new properties and wanted an email strategy to reflect these updates. I developed consistent, polished email campaigns to align with their new brand systems, allowing them to connect with their audiences on a more professional level. My work included the strategy (including timing for triggered campaigns), design and messaging.

Triggered prospect campaign
Manual resident campaign


Employee communications

Client: BRE Properties

Role: Art direction and lead designer

Campaign strategy
Email design